• We train our learners in convertional underground hardrock mining (Talc Mining). We do a board and pillar stripping of the ore for training purposes.
  • Practicals are not simulated we do the actual on-the-job training and expose learners to the physical mining processes and stripping of the body. This gives our learners a real on-the-job
  • A learnership (LS) is a form of work-based or ‘on-the-job’ training which results in an NQF-registered qualification. Learners on the programme will therefore spend some time

Operation and maintenance personnel (operators, artisans and technicians) development path.

·        Mechanised mining and earth moving equipment operation. (unit standard aligned training and competency based).The design and development of job profiles and training of the mechanised mining and earth moving equipment operators, for an example Drill Rigs, Front end loaders, Dozer, Grader, Roof bolters, Load, Haul and Dump (LHDs), Charging units, Sciscor lifts and Dump trucks. This include skills programmes as registered by relevant SETAs as part of the operator training, training involves knowledge component (theory) and practical component on the machine back in the workplace.

·         Mechanised mining and earth moving equipment maintenance, electrical and hydraulic training.

·         General electrical and mechanical training for artisans and operatives.

·         Mining Operations short course including ventilation control, gas testing, hand drilling and hand support including environmental management programme to improve conduciveness in the workplace);

·         Lathes, Milling machines, Shapers, and Pedestal Drills

·         Occupational health and Safety.

·         ABET level 1 to 4 (including the level 4 qualification)

To become a world class skills training and development organisation in the mining, engineering and related sectors.

To turn the workplace into a life-long learning experience through quality and excellence.

  • Trust;
  • Respect
  • Transparenc Impartiality; and
  • Social sensitivity

  • To develop a pool of talent in the mining and minerals sector withinaccessible communities to prepare them for employment in the mining industry
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