• We train our learners in convertional underground hardrock mining (Talc Mining). We do a board and pillar stripping of the ore for training purposes.
  • Practicals are not simulated we do the actual on-the-job training and expose learners to the physical mining processes and stripping of the body. This gives our learners a real on-the-job
  • A learnership (LS) is a form of work-based or ‘on-the-job’ training which results in an NQF-registered qualification. Learners on the programme will therefore spend some time


This policy applies to the admission of all categories of learners to accredited programmes. All learner support staff and other responsible for the selection of learners are required to comply with this Policy.

This policy is informed by the Mathome Training & Developments’ policies which responds to equal opportunities and data protection. All applications are welcomed from learners irrespective of background. Policies and practices for the recruitment and admission of learners are designed to secure a good match between the abilities and aptitudes of the student and the demands of the programme.

Mathome aims to offer a supportive service to all applicants and prospective applicants, providing clear and helpful pre-entry information and advice to allow learners to apply for a programme appropriate to their needs, interests and academic qualifications and potential.

Admission Documents

Learner Admission Application form, certified copy of learner identity document, qualifications, statement of results, record of service.


Selection process

Decisions on applications and admission to the programmes offered within Mathome Training & Development and Mathome FET College are made by Communications and Administration department. The following procedure such apply to all applications:

·    the learner’s potential to succeed in his or her chosen programme of study,

·    actual or expected academic or professional qualifications and grades,

·    relevant work or other experiences.

·    applicants’ own statements of interest in the programme,

·    references (usually academic and also professional where relevant to the proposed programme),

·    where appropriate, an interview or a portfolio or sample of the applicants’ work, and,

·    qualifications in the use of the English language.

Admissions decisions will be made as quickly as possible. However, where programmes attract large numbers of applications, there may inevitably be a delay, although every effort is made to keep this to a minimum period.

In cases where Mathome Training and Development is unable to make an offer for an applicant’s original choice of course, he/she may be considered for an alternative or related programme.

Recognition of Prior learning

Learners may be exempted from part of a programme where the applicants acquired credits for some of the Unit Standards in the programme.

Learners with special needs.

Mathome Training & Development and Mathome FET is committed to achieving equal opportunities for all of its learners and actively encourages potential learners who may be disabled or who may have a special need to make an application to study at Mathome Training & Development and Mathome FET. Mathome Training & Development and Mathome FET continues to ensure that disabled learners meet their full academic potential and are not discriminated against either during the admissions process or in their subsequent time as learners at Mathome Training & Development and Mathome FET reason of being disabled or having a special need.

Learners should ensure that they have sufficient information on which to base decisions about programme acceptance and necessary support. The communication and administration department ensure that applicants are given appropriate information on which to base their decisions. Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate an individual’s needs for support, in exceptional circumstances it may not be possible to make reasonable adjustments to enable a programme to be accessed.


Regular monitoring of admissions is undertaken by the Communication and Administration Team and via the annual and programme review procedures.

It is noted that very occasionally applicants may have reason to question or express an opinion to the Institution about its decision or the way in which their application has been handled. Applicants in this situation should direct their query initially to the Site administrator. If they remain dissatisfied, the query should be directed to the Communications and Administration Manager who will conduct a review of the situation, taking advice from the management team.


Course fee

Free admission and tuition fees. (Learnership sponsored)

Cancellation of registration

Termination and resignation of learners in learnership programme may result in a costs and the company reserves the right to claim damages from the candidate. All material issued to the learner for the purpose of learning must be submitted back to the office and learner may forfeit their stipend.


The Right of the Institution to reject admission.

It is the discretion of the institution’s head of training and administration to does not accept application for admission regardless of the situation and may do so without giving reason for the none acceptance of the learner. It is however the not the intent of the institution to refuse admission for any learner. The behaviour that the learners portray during training may lead to learner not being accepted in the next training as they would like to apply.

To become a world class skills training and development organisation in the mining, engineering and related sectors.

To turn the workplace into a life-long learning experience through quality and excellence.

  • Trust;
  • Respect
  • Transparenc Impartiality; and
  • Social sensitivity

  • To develop a pool of talent in the mining and minerals sector withinaccessible communities to prepare them for employment in the mining industry
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